Artist and Writer's Workshop June 12- July 31, 2014

Melissa Carmon Myers Artist's and Writer's Workshop Art Writing Creativity Palette and Journal

Imagine a beautiful summer night-- the purple glow of twilight lights up pink clouds to the east, and the earth is a sea of green: an early evening in midsummer.  You are sipping a cup of coffee, tea, or your preferred beverage of choice, surrounded by a small handful of amazing creative, interesting people.  A few are old friends, a few are new ones.  In your messenger bag is your sketchbook, or "daybook" -- a treasury of weeks of your writing, drawings, explorations, and plans venturing into the new, but possibly scary, things that you know you're called to do.  

While I can't promise that we will have such idyllic weather (I am having mental flashbacks to the summer of forest fires), or that you will actually decide to make the time to work in your daybook (that part's up to you!),  I can offer the coffee for sure, and a context as well as a guide that will help to facilitate the expedition.   

This 8-week workshop is designed to be a full-frontal push into making your art/music/writing more of what you want it to be.  The desired result is that you will be equipped to do more of what you are made to do, and be more productive in your creative endeavors. 

Melissa Carmon Myers Art Workshop Artists Writers Musicians Get Ready

We will be exploring the creative process, connecting with our sources of inspiration, overcoming roadblocks, and using Myers-Briggs temperament theory to create an action plan for greater productivity. 

Melissa Carmon Myers Artist's Workshop Artists Writers Musicians Creativity Workshop
Melissa Carmon Myers Artist's and Writer's Creativity Workshop

The artists and writer's workshop will meet for 8 weeks from June through August, 2014, at 4036 S. Shields St., Fort Collins, CO.