Behind the Scenes: Exploratory Drawings


Behind the Scenes: Exploratory Drawings for the Eternal Color Series

Below you’ll find examples of the work that developed behind the scenes of Eternal Color series of portraits.

Combining Stabilo Tones, wax pastels, and colored paper, I created a series of exploratory drawings. There are elements of these that are inspired by the work of the Symbolists, and also the watercolor lithographs of Odilon Redon.

Post-Impressionist color theory is very inspiring, and I wanted to see what it look like to use a “saturated palette” in creating some of these images (for example, all of the colors dominated by an intense singular color. I also explored what it would be like to use colors that are not normally found on faces. This led to a separate series in order to work out the idea in practice. Ultimately that idea didn’t feel right for the Eternal Color series, though working it out visually was interesting in its own way. Below are the very early studies that were in preparation for the series.

Exploratory Drawings for the Eternal Color Series. Please contact me if you are interested in the availability of any of the above pieces.

These exploratory drawings are a glimpse into the many months of preparation that go into making a new body of work. The drawings are a connection to the raw, unfiltered, imaginative part of creating one of the paintings.

Melissa Carmon