Behind the Scenes: Specialty Mats for Specialty Prints


This morning I was greeted by an early shipment of mats, which I ordered for the prints for sale in the upcoming show.  (How nice it is for something to arrive ahead of schedule— what a good surprise)!  

I ordered mats for the prints of the saints series that will be on display Feb 1-Feb 24 at Bolt Gallery.  I take great care in selecting mats, and all of them are special-ordered, since the kind that are best are not as easy to find.  However, these required a little more customization still, since the aspect ration for the paintings is unique. 


The artwork is matted with “museum cut” mats, which are “double deep.”  This is different than the standard mat thickness, and creates a luxurious effect.  


These beautiful, crisp, heavy mats are almost a work of art in themselves.


If you are among those who come to own one of these pieces, I hope you will enjoy these mats as much as I do! 

Melissa Carmon