Eternal color Series- A Note of Thanks


I just snapped a quick shot of a few of the saint portraits before packing them up for the show.

It is truly amazing to me how many people have been part of this project. They have given generously of their time, their expertise, their talents. Some helped me with research, and even assisted the research at their specialty collections library, with curated materials relevant to the show. Some have done graphic design, some have volunteered to pay for vinyl cutting and posters, some have helped me haul these enormous portraits up and down flights of stairs. Some have brought their exquisite musical talents, some have brought their expertise in video. Some have volunteered storage space, some have helped me poster several towns to get the word out. Some have spent hours with me in planning. Some helped with curation, as we arranged and rearranged the pieces to find the narratives. Some checked in with me every weekday morning to help track my milestones through the long months of seeing the paintings to completion. Some brought their gifts in publicity and writing for the press. Some sent me notes of encouragement from afar and these still come to mind as I am working. Some offered their culinary expertise to share with everyone who comes to the show. Some offered to give their expertise in photography to document the show. Some helped me make bouquets for the musicians. Some helped me hang over 50 pieces of art. Some were willing to travel over a hundred miles to perform music at the opening. Some offered to volunteer their Friday night to greet and serve everyone who comes. Some offered what is one of the most vulnerable gifts of all- the permission to paint their faces. All together, your diverse gifts have made this show possible. Thank you, thank you for being a part of this show. This show would not have been possible without you.

I am so excited to see the culmination of all our efforts on Friday night!

Melissa Carmon