Fresh Paint


 Yesterday a fresh batch of paint came in the mail.  Here's a quick rundown of the new additions to my palette! 



And now for the wish list item... I realized I didn't have any Cadmium Lemon or Cadmium Primrose... Or even any Cadmium Yellow Pale on my palette!  I don't know how this happened, but the realization called for a remedy.  In light of some helpful research done by a fellow painter/pigments expert, I decided to try Maimeri Puro's Cadmium Yellow Lemon.  It ended up being an excellent choice.




I'm trying out Williamsburg's Titanium White.  Many Titanium Whites are mixed with Zinc White, which adds a nice translucency, but also can imperil the strength of an oil film.  I chose this white because it does not have Zinc White mixed in, and I'm curious to see how it handles.  I also use up about a tube of this every six weeks, so it's worth it to experiment. 


Quinacridone Orange: this is is pigment that is no longer widely available, but thankfully, Daniel Smith stockpiled some of it before it went out of production.  Its specific behavior in paint mixures is a feature of my current color theory research.  

Thank you, Daniel Smith, for your foresight!



First of all, a few replacements were in order.  I absolutely love Cobalt Teal, and I've been working on this tube on the left for several years.  It's not a color I use in large amounts, like Titaniam White or Yellow Ochre, but it's a staple.



Last but not least, Jerry's Artarama added a promotional incentive for free, and here is the LUKAS Titanium white.  I've never tried LUKAS before, so it's nice to be able to test it out.  Thanks, Jerry's!  

Melissa Carmon