New Portraits on Display

Melissa Carmon Myers Art Opening March 2015


Art Opening: March 7

Subtle lines combine with bold, Warhol-like colors in Melissa Carmon's show, LOOK.   The arresting portraits bring together Post-Impressionist color theories to create emotionally compelling likenesses of the subjects. 

Using a bright palette of colors, Carmon composes each portrait out of a limited color palette. Each painting is a study in the interrelationships between each color’s hues and values.   The background color of the paper dips in and out of the subject’s skin tones, like a conversation between background and foreground.  Despite the flat, graphic appeal of the work, the faces of the portraits display a sculptural dimensionality. 

The series explores the color phenomena as they relate to our neurological perceptual apparatus.  For example, In Portrait of Brooke, the eyes of the subject appear brown to most viewers, even though none of the colors used in the portrait mix to form a brown shade. 

Carmon’s work draws upon her extensive studies in the field of color theory. The theory of simultaneous contrast, first articulated by the French scientist, Michel Chevreul, and studies in the relativity of color, following the work of Joseph Albers, are cited as two of the artist’s primary influences.

Carmon’s interest in color has lead to works that are both scientifically interesting as well as technically astute.  Along with the color portraits, examples of the artist's accurate and expressive line work are included in the 25-piece show.

Melissa Carmon's artwork will be on display March 7 through April 5, 2015.

Living Fire Gallery
1119 W Drake Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80526