St Ephrem

St Ephrem the Syrian by Melissa Carmon .jpg

The chorus of shouts,
that din of division
that plucks out
from a tender heart
the will to live

Oh Welcoming One, 
who awoke me with a song
in the watches of night
out of darkness, beauty
out of ashes, 
electricity, life

All my strewn pearls
You've enfolded them gently,
as binding a wound,
and wound them all together in a crown
oh Weaver of My Days

For all of us are one.  
and he that harms his brother
harms himself

I cover your honor, my brothers, 
with love
with the balm of the desert that heals
there is rain enough to refresh us
there is rain enough for all

I have heard you, 
Melodious One
and a bruised reed
You would not break, 
and a smoldering wick
You would not snuff out

Be gentle with each other, my brothers.  
be kind.
love-- can you not see it? 
love hopes all things. 


Historical Notes: St. Ephrem the Syrian (306-373 C.E.) was born in Nisibis, in modern day Turkey.  He composed more than 400 songs in his lifetime.  

Melissa Carmon