St Ephrem

St Ephrem the Syrian by Melissa Carmon .jpg



You awoke me with a song,
You, the Melodious One
I heard you in the darkness,
the chorus of shouts,
that din of division
that plucks out
from a tender heart
the will to live

Oh Welcoming One, 
you found me in the watches of the night
out of darkness, beauty
out of ashes, 
electricity, life

And gathered my strewn pearls
You've enfolded them gently,
as if binding a wound,
and wound them all together in a crown
oh gentle Weaver of My Days

I cover your honor, my brothers, 
with love
with the balm of the desert that heals
there is rain enough to refresh us
there is rain enough for all

I have heard you, 
Melodious One
and a bruised reed
You would not break, 
and a smoldering wick 
You would not snuff out

For all of us are one.  
and he that harms his brother
harms himself

Be gentle with each other, my brothers.  
be kind.
love-- can you not see it? 
Love hopes all things. 


Historical Notes: St. Ephrem the Syrian (306-373 C.E.) was born in Nisibis, in modern day Turkey.  He composed more than 400 songs in his lifetime.