EtERNAL COLOR: Portrait Series

Where history and legend meet, faces from the Eternal Color Series ask us to consider the question of the meaning of a life well lived

This series of 12 paintings explores the lives of early historical figures who were later bestowed the title of saint. A diversity of personalities is represented, and each one honors a different way of contributing to the world. Each person selected for this series made a contribution to the development of culture. The work of several of them significantly shaped the world as we know it.


A short video about the linguistic link that inspired the series

Each painting is accompanied by a poem about the figure, and historical information. During a recent exhibition, the Inspire Duo, a group of award winning musicians created musical arrangements for each figure, and interpreted the art musically.

Melissa Carmon Saints Series crop.jpg

Each piece measures 60” x 35” and is painted with oil on panel. The underpainting for each painting was made with acrylic, with oil painted on top. There are textural accents with R&F pigment stick, which is like oil paint, and contains more wax.

Fine art quality prints with double-deep museum cut mats

Fine art quality prints with double-deep museum cut mats

So that this work would be available for everyone who has loved it, I created a series of archival quality giclee prints. I personally oversaw the translation from painting to digital product. While no print can truly capture the colors of a painting, every effort has been made to translate the work from painting to paper. Printed with archival inks and matted with a double-deep museum cut mat, these prints also make excellent gifts.


portrait PRINTS

Fine art prints of the figures from the Eternal Color Series