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paintings paired with flute and piano music

Experience art on a whole new level.  The Inspire Duo created improvisational flute and piano pieces in dialogue with the paintings from my most recent series.  Christen Stephens, who plays flute, and Craig Woodward, who plays piano, create in-the-moment musical responses to each piece.  While no two performances are exactly alike, you can get a taste of their style classically-informed jazz style by clicking on one of the links below. 

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Read more about the project and listen to music samples here.  


Upcoming classes

Imagine taking up your palette and knowing exactly how to mix the color you have in mind.  Imagine walking into a paint store, and feeling completely confident about which shades to choose to perfectly supplement your palette.  Are you ready to take your color knowledge to the next level?  Beginners and experts alike will find immense value in my upcoming class.  

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artist education series

Articles written specifically for artists, from my studio to yours.

new from the studio, behind the scenes

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current project:


"The tide of history crushes lives of individuals to minutiae, and it is rare that individuals from so many hundreds of years ago are remembered in such vivid color. They are strange among the artifacts of human history, of human memory. Something happened- and whatever happened- it made such a stir that it still has not been forgotten."

What is the most real?

The history of philosophy has continually returned to this theme, but the question of what constitutes the Real becomes increasingly pressing in a world constructed of images ranging from video to virtual reality.  The word "sak," is an ancient Indo-European root word meaning that which is the most real.  It connotes that which is "completely other than all existing beings and possesses, in the maximum and utterly self-sufficient degree, the attribute of existence." Sak, via the Latin words sancire and sanctus, serves as the root of the words, "sacred," "saintly," and "saint," (Lanzi and Lanzi, 2004).  

The series explores this linguistic connection through the portraits of twelve historical individuals.  From barefoot Carmelite mystics to Attila the Hun the series probes the idea of ontological weight.  Through poetry and portraiture, the series raises questions about the nature of the Real, the role of the individual, the role of memory, and highlights some of the most curious nooks and crannies of Western history. 


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