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From wall-sized mythical creatures to portraits that take on a life of their own, Melissa Carmon (b. 1984) explores the realities and possibilities of life through the practice of art.

Her work includes large-scale portraits in oil and immersive installation work that transforms spaces. Carmon's shows often incorporate interdisciplinary elements, drawing from her studies in philosophy, literature, psychology, and the natural sciences.

A vibrant teacher and leader, Carmon leads courses, lectures, and creates workshops to equip other artists and creative professionals to achieve greater artistic productivity.  

Carmon was recently commissioned by HID Global and her work has been shown in Denver and Washington, D.C. 

Carmon studied as an undergraduate at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and holds a degree with honors in Philosophy from Colorado State University. 

Melissa Carmon currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband, Jonathan Myers.  



the story behind
the work

I could begin with the story of a letter that was sent, but came back unopened.
Or passing close to death in the jungles of Paraguay. 
Or waking up to the sound of rain through the open window of my room in a Bavarian castle, 
Or the fateful day when a text message came that simply read, “emergency.” 

Or I could begin, like every artist does, by telling you that I have been drawing since I was eighteen months old. 

While true, all of those would be trite.  

I am a fine art painter who probably should have become a biologist.  Or a geologist.  Or a librarian.  Or something.  But I went to RISD instead of pursuing science, and the rest was history. 

I help highly educated people like you, who are quite likely very smart and cool (you know you are)  

…to stop for just a minute.  

I spend my days making things for you to look at and experience. 
You might find (or you might not) a new perspective on the same old things. 

You might find yourself waking up, like I did one day near a forest in south Germany, to the sound of rain (and, I think church bells) and find yourself feeling as though you were in a totally different world…perhaps in a different kind of time.  Art can do that. 

And really, it’s a long shot, but hey— you might find yourself inspired.  For me, making a stroke on a canvas is an act of defiant adventure, a color-infused counter stroke against a world that tends toward a monotone hum of daily obligations— and so it would make a kind of sense if the velocity of that stroke carries through, and you feel yourself inspired to adventure, too. 

And, perhaps you will find a place of resonance, a place of hope in the presence of these paintings, if you happen to have a fateful day, when one of your text messages reads, “emergency.”  I hope it doesn’t.  I hope you can live your whole life without that kind of day— a day like door, where on the other side of it, everything is different.  

This is art the story of an adventure through life’s most difficult circumstances.  May it bring color, bravery, and new horizons to your story, too.  



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